What are the requirements to apply for employment as a teacher with Townsville Catholic Education?  
You must be registered or eligible for registration with the Queensland College of Teachers.  

If I do not yet have my QLD College of Teachers’ Registration am I still able to register with you? 
Yes, when applying online answer yes to question 7 if eligible. 

Do I need to be already living in the region, to be considered for a position?
No.  We offer relocation assistance to help you move to your new location (reimbursement amount depends on location).

Can I still apply online if I don’t have all of my documentation (for example, my Degree)? 
You can still register online; all we require from you at this stage is your Resume and Cover Letter. 

Must I only select one option of Preferred Region or Type of Appointment on the online application?  
No, you may tick one, several, or all options depending on your individual preference.  

Do I have to register for teaching in Queensland if I have registration in another Australian state or in another country? 
If you intend moving to Queensland it would be advisable to apply for registration with the QLD College of Teachers, as this is a mandatory requirement of employment.   Some states have mutual recognition and the actual registration should not take too long to be processed in those instances.

Are there incentives when teaching in remote areas?  
Yes, we do offer incentives such as allowances, rental subsidies, vacation travel assistance, additional leave and air-conditioning subsidies.

As a teacher, do I need to have particular qualifications to teach Religious Education in a Catholic School?  
In order to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school, primary teachers and secondary teachers who teach RE need to be accredited to Teach Religion.  To gain this accreditation teachers are required to complete the equivalent of four semester units of study in areas of theology, spirituality, Catholic education or religious education.  Teachers are usually given provisional accreditation to teach Religious Education provided they undertake to gain full accreditation within five years of being appointed.

Do I have to be a Catholic to teach in a Catholic School in the Townsville Diocese? 
No. It is important to TCEO that the Catholic identity and ‘ethos’ of each school is maintained.  This is assisted by having as many committed Catholics as possible on the staff.  However, people who are not Catholic but who would feel at home in a Catholic school environment and who would support the school’s ethos by word and deed are welcome to apply for positions.